A New Project

Because I don't have enough to do.

I've participated in 365 Projects before. I know of one year where I actually made it the entire year. Another time, I didn't. I don't remember the others. I didn't do one last year, because...well, I guess I just didn't want to. But now I'm ready again.

There are plenty of projects out there that people can join and play with all sorts of other people, which is fun and inspiring and interesting. While I want to do this, I don't know that I want the pressure of playing with everyone else. Selfish? Perhaps. But I said pressure of playing, not the fun of it. Because I like the social interaction and the connections. But the pressure of keeping up with so many people overwhelmed me the last time I did this. I'd get behind and feel guilty and then spend a bunch of time catching up on the last 7-10 days' of images posted and leave comments. I really just don't need added stress.

So I'm playing on my own this time. I'm sure I'll still check out some other 365ers, but only when I have the time and inclination. I do still enjoy the interaction and inspiration. Rather than clog up this blog (as if it's been so busy!), I'm posting these over at another one, called 365 in Color. Instead of just photographing whatever each day, I wanted a framework or theme to follow. So it will be one color per month. Here's the plan:

  • January - white
  • February - pink
  • March - brown
  • April - yellow
  • May - purple
  • June - blue
  • July - red, white & blue
  • August - turquoise
  • September - black
  • October - green
  • November - orange
  • December - red

Yes, I know that July isn't A color, but I was running out of ideas, without venturing off into chartreuse, vermilion, or verdigris. That would probably make me a little crazy(er!).

It sounds easy, but I suspect that after about a week's worth of pictures, it may become just a little more challenging at times (especially in July!).


Pam said...

GREAT idea!! You might just start a new trend...and as I am typing this, a Mama deer and her fawn are slowly walking up to my house, and right outside my window from which I sit not a foot away. Since the.....make that TWIN fawns!!! Since the ground is covered with a nice blanket of snow, a picture of them would fit in nicely with your picture of the day - WHITE! (Sorry for rambling here, just couldn't resist...I get excited seeing the wildlife right outside my window!)

kayerj said...

good luck--I think you'll be up to the challenge. I always enjoy your photo's

The dB family said...

Sounds like fun -- and challenging too. I'm ALMOST tempted to join you. Maybe I'll have to think about this for next year.


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