Starbucks and the Fisheye Lens

Not sure that was a great title. It sounds like a story. It's really just some pictures of our morning at Starbucks. Pictures shot with a fisheye lens.

You can lean back, Caleb, but you can't escape this lens!
starbucks fisheye-1

My niece
starbucks fisheye-2

My niece, up close
starbucks fisheye-4

Stretched out cup

starbucks fisheye-3

It's a lot easier to get in the picture with your sister when your lens is this wide.

starbucks fisheye

1 comment:

The dB family said...

What a FUN lens! Are you missing it now? I wish we could rent lenses in our area, but alas, we live in Hicksville :o).


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