New Year's Eve - 2012

We often have more people over on New Year's Eve, but due to sickness and the potential for slippery roads, it was the four of us and my parents. We still had a wonderful time. I made homemade fettuccine Alfredo for dinner (just the sauce, not the noodles). We had salad and focaccia bread as well.

Then the boys headed downstairs to play their games and we got the cards out for a game of Oh Hell and a couple games of Liverpool Rummy.

We had a relatively new deck for Oh Hell, so handling, shuffling, and dealing was a little challenging.


A different perspective.

Some delicious chocolate!

In case you missed it on Facebook, my mom has a chip on her shoulder. A very tasty chip from Senor Manuel's, specifically.

chip shoulder

I've been having some fun with this fisheye lens over the holidays! Although I can't get a shot that's a full circle because my camera has a crop sensor. But it's still fun to play with!

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Anonymous said...

We did have a fun evening and dinner was delicious!

mom :-)

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