Hot, Hot, Hot: the Story


Growing up, we always had a gas stove. Over the years, I've had a few electric stoves and some gas. But I really prefer a gas stove. Maybe it's because it's what I'm used to, I don't know. But one significant factor for me is that I like seeing the flame, not wondering which burner is on. Say what you want, but even after over two years with this lovely stove, I still manage to turn on the wrong burner. A couple of weeks ago, I nearly destroyed an empty non-stick skillet sitting on the back burner (covered), while wondering why my water wasn't boiling on the front burner.


And then there's always that issue of how long the burner remains warm after you've removed the pan. Yes, I know there's a light on the back of the stove that reminds me that the top is hot. I also know that there's a little drawing next to the burner knobs that tell me which burner the knob will operate. Apparently I have some sort of stove instruction impairment, I guess. But there isn't a gas line piped to my kitchen. So maybe I'll learn how to better live with electricity.

What about you? Do you prefer an electric or gas stove?


The dB family said...

I've never had a gas stove, but I think I would like it. I have stove instruction impairment too, and I've used an electric stove my entire life. You know the saying "a watched pot never boils." It doesn't if you turn on the wrong burner either. I guess I love heating my kitchen :oD.


Beth said...

I just the way you feel--I love gas stoves!! THey heat so much more quickly and evenly. I grew up with electric, but since being married I've always had gas, with the exception of a few months where we had electric and I hated it! ANd, the impairment isn't just you--Adam is notorious for turning on the wrong burner (and, as I said, we have gas even! :)

happy new year!

Lorraine said...

I've had a gas stove, an older style electric with the wanna-be gas burners, and my current is a glass-top range. I love, love, love the glass-top range. It gives me extra counter space when I'm not using it, and no more drip pans to scour!! Yea!!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I do have to agree with you, Lorraine, about the clean up (sponge and Barkeeper's Friend) with a smooth top stove. And the extra work space (I have very little) is very handy.

But I'd still prefer a gas stove. I also like being able to set my temperature by the size of the flame, not just wonder if the location on the knob was good. :D

Anonymous said...

I love my 1942 Wedgewood gas range. It even has two ovens (except one of them isn't working right now). It has a shelf (collection area) across the top and a lovely chrome top with a griddle and I even have the original instruction book and an extra set of chrome drip pans. We got it out of the original house it went to in San Francisco when it was new.

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