Christmas Decor, part 1

Some shots at church last night:

church decor-1

church decor-3

Tonight we were there for our church's annual Christmas fellowship night. It's always nice to have that relaxed time to visit with people. Too often, we only have the brief greetings in passing. Getting to sit down and talk or meet someone new is a blessing.

church decor-2

church decor-4

We put our Christmas tree up as well as some decorations around the house today, but I don't have any photos yet. Probably because we were at the church party. And then we came home and watched White Christmas - one of my favorite Christmas movies. Danny Kaye & Bing Crosby are so talented and funny. We still have It's a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Story to watch (the other two favorites).


Sallie said...

I was thinking of taking some pics at our church too... they do the tree in red, white, and gold and its just beautiful! Last night would have been perfect when we had our cantata but I forgot my camera. OOPS!

We have our tree in a tree stand and snowflakes on the window. I guess I better get busy...lol

Emily said...

I absolutely LOVE that first photo. :) Gorgeous!

Candace said...

Beautiful photos! The first one is my favorite. Your reflection in the Christmas ball is a great shot. Very creative!

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