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My Saturday:

sewing machine

I'm almost done sewing a purse that a friend ordered for his wife for Christmas, except for the strap. I went to a few sewing stores in search of purse hardware. A slide thingy, in particular, for making adjustable purse straps. Apparently this is harder to come by than one might think. I ended up having to order from Strapworks in Oregon. Hopefully they're awesome and I can use them more in the future.

I found a really groovy company, Nicole Mallalieu Design in Australia. I'm not sure what shipping from Australia would be like, but I can't take that chance right now. Perhaps I'll order from her in the future. Definitely loving her blog, You SEW Girl, though.

I picked up some socks for Hubby & ClayGuy while I was out. They love these very thick, cozy socks this time of year. The Comedian has little need for socks, so he didn't get any. If you want to know why, check out this post.


Some days I wear bangs and other days I don't. Some days I don't know what to do with my hair, except bow to its ability to win the control game. I wanted to wear bangs today, but they were much too long. So I trimmed them. At that precarious moment when the scissors are poised to chop, I thought, "Hmmm...that might be a little more than I should cut." But really, they were ridiculously too long for bangs. So I cut.

hair cut

Turns out I was right. I shouldn't have. Now they're too short and dorky. On a happy note, since Christmas is two weeks away, they should be just right for those holiday family photos.

Since I can't complete the previous purse, it's time to start the next project - a backpack for a friend. She has three backpacks from Durango Threadworks.

backpack pieces

Unfortunately, DTW hasn't been in business for many years, so these soft, simple backpacks are no longer available to purchase. She loves them and carries one most all the time, so I'm going to see what I can do to create something similar for her.

pattern notes

Unlike other times when I make things up (like the previous purse), I've begun a notebook to jot down measurements and notes to self in case I'd ever like to make more than one. In fact, I love the purse I made and will be sure to let its buyer know that I have a very generous return policy - with that one product, anyway.

I love this sweater. It's hard to be sad when you're wearing such happy, colorful stripes!

striped sweater

A little refreshment.

cherry dp

And a reflection.

church decor-5

All in all, it was a good day.

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Becky Tyler said...

Hi Diane. Was on facebook and saw your link. Didn't know you had a blog. Really enjoyed it. You are so creative. I love it.

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