Lunar Eclipse

The moon was apparently at a good distance for the start of the lunar eclipse tonight. I actually got a reasonably decent picture. Not great, but probably better than any moon shot I've ever attempted.

lunar eclipse-1-wm

Same shot, cropped:

lunar eclipse-1-crop

Frustratingly, by the time it was nearly a total eclipse, it had moved to a distance at which I cannot focus clearly. Sigh.

lunar eclipse-2

However. I will be grateful to have seen an event that hasn't occurred in over 300 years and won't occur again in this exact way for over another 300-400+ years. And the Comedian was sweet enough to stay up with me and hang out in the cold, when he really wanted to come in and go to sleep. I also had a great time tweeting with other friends around the country who stayed up for this. It was a great evening!

Edited to add: Here's a very cool time lapse of the entire eclipse from a guy in Florida.


Sachin Khona said...

Great effort!! Lucky to have experienced and seen it!!
Thanks for sharing Bunny!

Catherine (Alecat Music) said...

They're great pics!

We totally missed the eclipse here, in the southern part of Australia. Some in the north of the continent saw glimpses just after sunset.

GodsSunflower said...

beautiful! thx for sharing. unfortunately I missed the eclipse tho I was awake. :/

Valerie said...

Great shot!!

We had too much cloud cover for us to even bother getting up to try and see it. So sad!

Glad you were able to see it :) get that great shot and share with us!!


The dB family said...

Way to go, Dianne! I set my alarm for 1:55 am, had the camera on the tripod waiting by the back door, and my alarm never went off. So glad I got to see you photos! Cool colouring on the full eclipse!


Thoughts for the day said...

Something to help you with the water issue, I put cranberry juice or pomegranate juice or apple juice, in my water for a taste. Make the glass like 3 oz to full 16ounces of water. It tastes good and I like it. My husband says it is weird but it works you can even use a bit of orange juice make it mostly water as the finished product. Also I have been working on the going to bed by 10:30-11:00and I just make myself look at the clock, I watch the beginning of the 10:00 news and by the middle of it the tv is off I have signed off of the computer and it has been working and I do feel better. Hope this little bit of encouragement helps.

monica @ paperbridges said...

Diane, loved hanging out with you last night. Do you mind if I put your photo on my blog?


Emily said...

Love your shots! It was so cloud here that we couldn't see a dang thing.

Sukhmandir Kaur said...

I think your moon shots are excellent. The clouds gave way just enough for us to see the part of the eclipse you are showing here. I could only hold my neck back for so long, so we came back in and went out again and got a couple of different views. One when it was a crescent and the other when it was red, just like here. These are clearer than I could see as I get double images even with my contacts on. Thanks for sharing.

Jenn said...

Beautiful capture!!! I got a couple, but I don't think they are near as good as yours.

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