Across the Aisle

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At church I always sit in the same seat - creature of habit, I suppose (well, mostly - although there are other reasons). We arrive quite early because my husband is at the sound board. Therefore, my seat is usually available. Every so often, someone beats me to the seat. That was the case this evening. I like my space, so I moved across the aisle and sat in the mirror image location.

It would seem this was a providential move. I spoke with a woman sitting near me who has been considering homeschool for her kids. Apparently, God has been putting homeschoolers, or things about homeschooling, in her path somewhat often. Tonight, I was given the privilege of being a tool in God's hands. One of her concerns is their intelligent and strong-willed son, who doesn't really fit the school model. Funny, he reminded me of the Comedian. As we continued talking, it turns out that her son is quite similar to mine. I was able to encourage her with some things that I've learned over the years about my son. I also mentioned the homeschool support group that meets at our church, and gave her my phone number and email address in case she had any questions.

How often do I have my own plans and agenda, yet God has something just a little different for me? If I was in my "regular" seat, we wouldn't have connected. I wouldn't have been able to offer her words of encouragement. I may see her again. Or not. Who knows what God has planned? I certainly don't, but I sure love being used by Him. It's a tremendous blessing and also quite humbling. I pray that I am willing to be flexible and available for His good purposes.


Rachael said...

Isn't it just amazing how things work out sometimes?

carrie said...

that's a great story! Thanks for sharing that!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Thanks for sharing this story! We never know who God is going to bring into our path.

Anonymous said...

What a great reminder that where we think we need to be isn't always where God wants us and wherever he has us is right where we need to be!

(Also a great reminder in light of today's events. God is sovereign!)

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