Ahh . . . Warmth

If you're one of my Twitter pals, or if you live where I do, you know that it has been REALLY cold here. I think we barely made it up to double digits . . . for a very short time . . . today. While I have boots, they aren't really made for screaming cold or for getting in the snow. Coupled with my lame-o cotton socks, I've had some rather cold feet the past couple of days. We're not expecting to see much better until the end of the week.

And it's only the beginning of winter (almost).

We need to get boots for hubs and the Comedian, but they didn't find anything that worked for them (in our price range). On the other hand, I did. Sorels. Warm, cozy, good to -25 degrees. Aaahhhhhh. Warm feet. It's a good thing.


A Gilmore Girls Fan said...

I wish it was cold enough here to need shoes like that. It was 20 degrees earlier tonight, but it's very dry air here. So, I can wear a sweater and coat and be comfortable.

Anonymous said...

ooohhhh...aaahhhhhh!!! They look SO cozy! Can I borrow them?


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE those boots! Adding them to my Wish List

Beth said...

Those boots ROCK! I want, no, NEED a pair! :) I'm gong to have to cope with my almost-warm-enough Merrels till next winter. Not in the budget. Where did you find them??


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