Reason #2a

There are many good reasons why one should complete one's chores in a timely manner. Today we will take a look at Reason #2.a. - Something Better Might Come Along.

As I was gathering all the appropriate supplies to take to my desk upstairs to update the checkbook and ensure all the bills had been paid, I heard an unexpected doorbell ring. As I opened the front door, our mail carrier was hopping back into her little mail truck, having left a box on our stoop. What's this? A box? From Amazon dot com? Oh yippee! The CS3 book that I ordered had arrived!!

A quick jaunt to the mailbox revealed a couple of Christmas cards and a new Simple Scrapbooks magazine! Oh joy! More mail fun!

I cannot yet enjoy the treasures from the U.S. Postal service. Sigh. The financial tasks must come first. I've been attempting to accomplish this for a good portion of the day already. But I suspect that my muffled left ear (leftover from an AMAZING Trans-Siberian Orchestra performance last night) along with a marginally annoying headache that keeps attempting to work its way back into my head (NOT from said show) have distracted me, leading me astray on various bunny trails. Okay, maybe not the muffled ear. Although it is a distraction in many ways.

All right, it's just my own silly randomosity. Not the ear. Not the impending headache. It's Twitter, it's email, it's lunch for three boys, it's phone calls with my sister, it's tidying up, it's washing some dishes, and on it goes. It's just my life.

However, now I have something to force motivate me into greater focus. Reading material that eagerly awaits for me to settle with in the recliner, along with a fresh glass of Dr. Pepper. And all will be right with the world.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE getting packages-especially the ones that I forgot I ordered. :)

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