Thanks, ClayGuy!

I just had to mention that it was my oldest son who came up with the B bunny that I have in my header. I was teaching the Comedian about html and had written Bunny Trails on the whiteboard. Ever the doodler, ClayGuy comes along and turns my B into a bunny. I just loved it and decided to recreate it in Photoshop Elements.

I had already created a header for myself a long time ago, but it wasn't quite what I wanted. Once he doodled the bunny, I knew that was it.

I love watching my kids' creativity grow and flourish {insert big smile here}.


LingoVise Says... said...

I love this. The whole entire thing... the image And the story behind it.

Awesome... plus it's totally worth noting that I adore that Carrot in your sig line... nibble, nibble ;)

Anonymous said...

Not only can I feel and share the joy and pride you must have experienced, I must add that they are both well deserved !

It is a wonderful and creative header :)

Nice of you to stop by .

Anonymous said...

Very creative... good for him!!!

It really is too cute :-)

God bless,

Robin said...

That is so perfect! I love the bunny too and how fun for your son to have his talent validated onhis mom's blog!
I love it!

Anonymous said...

Very cool, ClayGuy! You are so clever!

Love you,

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