I Have Glasses

It's not okay to hit someone with glasses!

That's what ClayGuy told the Comedian earlier today.

How about that? Both boys have glasses and no one had to see an optometrist.


carrie said...

you know his eyes will freeze like that.

smarmoofus said...

You got lucky! Glasses can be very expensive, what with designer frames, and fancy auto-tinting lenses. Plus, you'll want to get the no-scratch protection. And if they have particularly bad vision, they can grind them specially so that they're thinner lenses and still offer the same correction, but that costs extra...

Yup. You definitely got lucky. *giggle*

(These shots are hilarious!)


SuperAngel said...

hahaha! I think Clayguy might go crosseye if he leaves those on much longer! :P

they are characters aren't they!

Miss Amanda

Anonymous said...

That is hilarious! Love the specks!

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