Digital Camera Give-Away

I knew there was a reason my blog is called Bunny Trails. It's because I spend so much time on them. Last night, I was blog hopping and ended out at a stay-at-home-dad's blog (I really have no idea how I got there, which is usually my response when found on aforementioned trails). Anyway, the guy does web design, search engine marketing, and takes care of his cute little girl, Alex.

Because most blogs I read are authored by women, it's kind of fun to hear a dad's POV. You can check Mike out at Stay At Home Dad, Geek Style.

He also happens to be hosting a very awesome contest. He's giving away a Canon PowerShot SD750. It’s a sweet camera, complete with 7.1 megapixels and a giant 3″ LCD display. You can find out more about it at Stay At Home Dad Digital Camera Give-Away. You have to sign up by tomorrow (8/31) at 11:59 p.m. (he's in Florida).

It would be fantastic to win this (or even one of the runner-up prizes at Smug Mug). So personally, I'm hoping I win. But if not, I hope you do.

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Christine said...

Hello there, fellow trail traveler! I found you at Mike's blog and wanted to let you know that I post daily about all of the fun giveaways that I find while blog hopping (I throw in the occasional product review too). Hop on by if you get a chance!

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