Catching Up

It seems that days are just zipping past me and I keep missing the bloggy part of them. I haven't even felt all that bloggish recently. But now it's time to hop back on board (in more ways than one).

Tales From the Scales - I have completely fallen off the wagon here. Of course, having a broken set of scales didn't help. But there's still a month left. I'll see if I can drag myself up off the dirt road and hang onto the wagon for the remaining weeks.

The Burn(ed) Brothers - The boys went to the Sand Dunes on a Scout campout this past weekend. They failed to utilize sunscreen on Sunday (the operative word here? SUN!). This would be the day that they played on the dunes, in the creek, and in a pool - pretty much all day. They came home with extremely bad sunburns. So I've been providing them with pain reliever, mists of lavender oil & water, peppermint oil & water, and aloe vera burn relief spray with lidocaine. Oh, and some aloe vera lotion - when they'll allow me to touch them that much. Today has been the worst day. My oldest son woke up at 3:30 this morning and couldn't get comfortable or back to sleep.

Invalid Dog - Our dog is 14 1/2 years old (chow/husky mix) and he has some issues with arthritis (being treated with rimadyl). He came in yesterday and his right hip seemed to give out completely. He couldn't stand nor walk. He tried - a lot - but just fell or dropped back down. It was a little after lunch, but late enough that I couldn't get him into his regular vet. The local mobile guy had no time available. I ended out just sitting with him on the floor for about 5 hours until the emergency clinic opened so we could take him there after hubby got home from work.

On a happy note, he came home with just a prescription and is doing better. We were kind of freaking out, thinking that we might have to put him down, that this might be it for him. What a huge relief that he gets to hang out with us awhile longer.

Homeschool - I'm finally rolling with homeschool plans for this year. We use KONOS, which is a unit study. I'm pretty much finished choosing our units (to be posted later). Now I need to finalize the other subjects and the schedule. We'll be starting either next week or the week after.

The House - We moved the old, blue recliner out (donated it) as the upholstery was wearing through and it's not very comfortable (for adults, anyway). That enabled us to shift the living room furniture into a better configuration.

Much of the house is cleaned up and in better shape than it's been for awhile. I still have work to do in the family room, but it's also greatly improved. My stamping and scrapbooking supplies are all in one area. I have extra space at my second/third desk which has been helpful for school plans.

We also acquired a free sofa from my sister and brother-in-law which will be used for the entertainment area we have planned for the boys in the family room.

Paperback Books - After reading about PaperBack Swap at SusiePie's place, I promptly joined and am having a great time swapping books! Check it out if you like reading, have too many paperbacks that you don't need anymore, and like the idea of recycling.

There may be more, but it's time to head to bed. So I'm off for now. Maybe I'll play Wordless Wednesday tomorrow.


Robin said...

I know what you mean - summer just flys by!
I too have come to a stand still with the weight loss thing. I'm just maintaining for now and I'm too busy to take the time to write all my points down and pre-plan my menus. I'll get back to it though.
We have been having issues with our 13 year old dog too. He has a ruptured disc in his back. He is on two medications and one makes him eat like crazy. It also makes him pee on the floor - something he has never done before. Yuck!

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Oh bummer! The vet also said we could give him glucosamine. He's just getting old. :( He doesn't seem to be eating much - I'm not sure what's up with that. May have to call the vet again.

btw - I mailed your prize on Monday. :)

Anonymous said...

What is it with animals? Over in Raising Five she had to put down their dog of many years and we just had to put down our cat of many years--It is times like this when I hate being mom. I know it is the right thing to do.

I said something to my husband who would give me, our family and even the cats the world...but he again said whatever the vet and I decide.

This time my daughter came with me and she wanted to hold Mittens until she passed away. I hate doing the right thing but I always hand the animal over to the vet cry a little and walk away.

This time my daughter and I sat there until Mittens passed away. YUCK!

I am glad that your dog is doing beter and that some drgs will make him more comfortable.

School starts for the kids on Tuesday. This is the first year where we will have 2 in high school. Am I that old?

Take a deep breath my dear and let the games begin :)

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