The Bug Came Over the Mountain

Do you know what these are? Or more accurately, what they will become? Well, if all goes according to plan (yes, I said "if"), they will become the cutest little santa star ornaments.

The bigger "IF" is IF they actually all get created. If so, I'll have 130 happy little santa stars on my hands!! Yep, I'm just a little crazy.
These are the work of Barb, of course, crafty woman that she is (and I mean that in the most complimentary way!). If you scroll down on this post you can see more of them. She was so sweet to send the pattern to me last year. I purchased everything, started tracing santas, and never got any further. That's because they were to be my 2007 Christmas project. Yeah, that's it. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. Now because Barb's already in full holiday swing (once again, scroll down here to see the beginning of her Christmas goodness), the Christmas bug made its way over the Rocky Mountains to my house.

I was even inspired to resurrect my Christmas Notebook again this year (ooh, I'm becoming quite Barb-ish! This would go nicely with her Good Things book.). Maybe I'll post swell pix of my book when it's updated. Gee, Barb, if you ever head over to the Front Range and see someone who appears to be you (except she has long curly brown hair), you'll know it's me! Ha! Ha! Except I really don't want any coconut cake. I greatly dislike coconut. Nor do I have any desire to try a kool-aid pickle. I just don't do pickles - green, red, or any other color. I guess I'll just be me who's occasionally inspired by you!

Just so we're all clear that I'm still me, here's a picture of some of my sewing supplies in desperate need of organizing. This is definitely most un-Barbish. But it's definitely quite Dianne-ish. LOL!


Gina said...

(hands covering my eyes)Christmas is not a mere four months away. Its not. It can't be because I'm not ready to think about it.

I've decided that Christmas should be pushed back in '07 to sometime in '08. December '08!

The Santas are adorable! Will they be gifts or are you planning to sell them?

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

That's not such a bad idea, Gina! Christmas every other year. Of course, I still probably wouldn't be ready. LOL!

They'll be gifts. If I were going to sell them I'd probaby have to make even more. I'm not even sure why I'm making this many. Although I was thinking that I could ask our missions pastor if he knew of people I could send some to. Because I don't really imagine I'll be giving 120 away to my friends & family! LOL!

Robin said...

Those are just so cute! And you are very Barb-like in your being so on top of things for Christmas already! I'm very envious - I have projects planned but no time to get them done! You girls are inspiring me though!

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