Back to School

Well it's time for a new post. A huge THANK YOU to everyone who left sweet comments about Cody. I really appreciate it.

Yesterday we started back to homeschool. Our first unit (KONOS) this year is Cooperation - Bees. It seemed like a fun place to start and the boys can always learn more about cooperating! We sampled various flavors of honey on toast for breakfast which was fun. Among other things, they're both creating bee pun & joke books, which has definitely brought some laughs.

We'll be heading to a local nature park that has an awesome new bee habitat - the bees come in from outside via a tube and you can check out their honeycomb and all the activity. Should be fun!

I got a new printer today - woo hoo! Our old HP printer/scanner/copier died at the end of the last school year, so I've only had my Canon (no copying or scanning) since then. It wasn't a big deal until it was time to start school and I need a copier again. I really didn't want to have to run to Kinko's on a regular basis (nothing personal) and there were some awesome deals on printers this week. I ended out with a $149 Photosmart printer for $69. Sweet.

Not much else happening. I've just been getting plans together for school. I'm hoping to squeeze in some scrapbooking time soon. I'm having creativity withdrawals.


Anonymous said...

Wow! $69! Great bargain hunting!

My copier died last school year too. I don't make copies like I used to when we did Tapestry of Grace so I decided not to replace it. There are times though that I really miss it.

We found a HP scanner for $5 at Goodwill this summer. LOL Its ugly but it works.

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I was pretty jazzed about the deal. I think this is a model that's likely being replaced, but that's fine by me. It was only $5 more than the one I set out to buy and it's quite a bit better!

I don't have to copy a LOT of stuff, but until my other LLATL student book comes in, I do have to copy those pages. Plus there are just times that I need to make a copy of something.

The other issue is that my Canon printer was only for photos - it's really not very cost effective for text printing. I just got a great deal on it and didn't have a good photo printer. Now I have an even better photo printer with the HP, though. I'm going to hook up the Canon to the school computer. The boys don't print all that much over there anyway.

Sprittibee said...

I got a great HP scanner/copier/printer for 49$ at Sam's at Christmas time last year. I like it. It works well. I would love to have a really nice laser printer or die-sub printer. That is a pipe dream, though... too much $$$.

I'm bad about just using up books instead of making copies. I buy A Beka for my Math and we print our language out from Scott Foresman online and use Sam's Workbooks for grammar supplementation. I run through the ink. We went to a refill ink stop last week. They charge 15$ for color and 11$ for black refills. Not bad. You can get them cheaper online, though. Can't remember the name of the place we got ours through last time online, though.

I am so jealous that you are doing bees. I think I actually have that on my schedule for this year. Too bad we couldn't have done it together. You're so ahead of me! We start Monday and should be doing a full load by Wed. or Thurs. - and you'll be so proud of me tomorrow when I post my "Stage 1" school room photos!!! I actually finished it today (minus the new ceiling fan that Kev and his dad are installing tomorrow and the bookcases and chairs that I need to pick up at my mom's... and of course - eventually the paint and window treatments). :)!!!!!!!!!!

Sprittibee said...

Oops... that was me up there... I just used my other google ID (gmail).

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Thanks for the clarification, Heather! I saw your name and then I saw Sprittibee and I was trying to figure out who the other Heather might be! LOL!

That would've been a blast to do Bees together. I need to get the pix up from going to the cool bee display here. The bees come in from outside in a plexiglass tube and then their hive is sandwiched in plexiglass so you can see all the inner workings! Fun stuff.

I'm actually not all that great about copying. I'm just waiting on my second LLATL student book to arrive and that will be the end of that nonsense! Uses too much ink IMHO. I haven't been willing to do refill ink yet. I know, it's probably not as terrible as they say it is ("they" probably are the printer manufacturers anyway). ScrapGirls dot com has a link to a place that's supposed to be great and they use them for printing out scrapbook pages. I may have to check it out.

Looking forward to seeing your post! Glad to hear everything's coming together. :D

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