It's a Jeep Thing

I was sharing with Hubby about my towels on the clothesline post the other day and he wanted to know if I had any pictures of his Jeep on my blog. Sadly, I had to tell him "no." Even sadder, was the look on his face that said, "You put our towels on your blog, but not my Jeep?!?!" I did mention that it wasn't "dirty laundry." But that didn't really appease him nor remove the sad face.


Now this is not just any old Jeep - we've had it for 13 years. This Jeep has seen a lot of trails, rocks, and rivers during those years. When he first started building it for wheeling, there was a whole group of Jeep guys where he worked. It was pretty impressive to see the line of 8 Jeeps out in the parking lot. We had some great trips in the Colorado mountains and at Moab with that group.

Hopefully this is the year he can get some much-needed work done. On the top of the list is a replacement V8 that Hubby REALLY wants. He does have a 4-liter in the garage with fuel injection (woo hoo!) that he's been thinking about putting in. The Jeep currently has a 4.2-liter that has seen better days. Much better days. I think he's kind of dragging his feet on the 4-liter, though, because he still wants a V8 most of all.

The Jeep also needs some front end work. It's pretty squirrely these days which is a little unnerving.

But it's sure been a blast - summers with the top off, splashing across the Platte River, climbing rocks in Moab. Okay, when we slid backwards down an icy hill once - that wasn't a blast. But otherwise, we've really had some fun and we're looking forward to loads more!

Oh, I suppose I should clarify - I was the one driving when we slid backwards down an icy hill. In my defense, though, I've done a pretty decent job of wheeling (other than that icy hill thing).

I'll have to get some pictures from out on the trail up here sometime. Maybe even some of the other very sweet CJ-8 we had for awhile, too.

This one's for you, Honey!


angeleyes Blue said...

Be careful...My honey had been driving his mother's 1987 Cadillac since she died unexpectadly in 2000. The kids and I went on vacation over the summer and he decided that we needed to trade in the car. OK? He must be done grieving mommy's untimely death.

He bought an Audi TT a two seater. Did I mention that we have two teenagers?

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Wow! That's pretty wild. Knowing my husband, I highly doubt he would do something like that. Besides he LOVES Jeeping. Plus we have four vehicles at this point (good grief!) with only two drivers.

Sprittibee said...

Awwww. How sweet that your honey wants to share his jeep with us. ;) You are such a good wifey to do that for him. My husband is always trying to get me NOT to blog things! LOL

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Oh I'm sure there are things I would be requested NOT to post! LOL! But the jeep is definitely a safe topic. Besides, I'm the goof who slid backwards down the hill in it! The part I didn't mention is that there was a guy in a jeep at the bottom of the hill that I thought we'd take out for sure. I honestly believe that God picked his jeep up and moved it, cause this guy was trying like crazy to move and he was going nowhere. To top it off, he'd only had his jeep for a couple of days and it had a new, very expensive fiberglass body. That was extremely hairy!

Skeller said...

i hope your hubs got the Jeep work done sometime over the last 6 years. we just got our jeep 9 mos ago and are loving it - summer with the top off has been pretty swell...

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