Being Two (and a half)

While at my sister's last week, my two and a half year old neice wanted to "dance to music." My sister continued to tell her that the other kids were watching something on tv. She wasn't buying it. After all, she's 2 1/2 and the queen of her universe to the best of her knowledge. So she kept repeating her demand "I wanna dance to music!"

Her dear mom kindly pulled out the IPod and then went to look for a full-sized set of headphones (ear buds are too big for her petite little ears).While Mom was gone, I asked if she would smile for a picture. She wasn't having any of it - she still didn't understand that dancing music was soon to arrive. Instead of cute, smiling pictures, I got some terribly adorable pouty pictures. You gotta love it! She was oh, so precious in her little braids and rolled-up flower pants!

And how about this one? She's so unhappy!

But then . . . Hooray! Hooray! Mom saves the day! My neice got her dancing music and her groove going! Too cute! She danced around the kitchen for a good minute or two, stopped, and announced, "I'm done."

And that was that. 'Cause that's what you do when you're two.

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Anonymous said...

That is precious!

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