I was over at Enjoy the Journey and she had this great post. Check this out for a good laugh!

1. To go www.google.com
2. Click on "maps"
3. Click on "get directions"
4. Put "New York" in the from box and "London" in the to box
5. Scroll down to instruction #24

Hysterical!!! Oh, be sure to note at the top how long this trip will take!!


Anonymous said...

Did you see in the paper today about the elderly retired couple who live in NYC--they sold their house, put their cats in cat carriers and went out and hailed a cab.

They told their Lebonese cabbie that they wanted to go to Arizona. He called his boss and the ok was given. :) Freaky isn't it. Sign of the times I say

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I missed it - that's just amazing! I cannot imagine paying a taxi to drive from NYC to Arizona!! I guess these days, people will pay for all kinds of things. Personally, I'm trying to find ways to KEEP my money from going away so quickly. LOL!

Gina said...

I tried this last week for NYC to Paris. I love it!

I read that article about the couple taking a taxi to AZ. Some people have more money than sense.

I just sent you a very long and involved e-mail!

Anonymous said...

I finally took the time to get directions from NYC to London. Piece of cake only 29 hours.

Of course, that doesn't take into account the Moby Dick sightings or even Jaws swim-bys.

Have a splenderiffic day. Beware of being Twitterpated :)

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