Exploding Eggs

As is our annual tradition, I dutifully hardboiled some eggs for my boys to color for Easter. Only hubby eats them in our house, and since it isn't likely (or a good idea) that he'll eat all 28 eggs (plus 4 more from MIL), I graciously share them with my previous neighbor and my parents. So we played post-Easter bunny, delivering festively colored eggs this afternoon.

My Dad called a few minutes ago and the conversation went something like this:

Dad: "Why did you give me exploding eggs?"

Me: "I didn't know that I did. What happened?"

Dad: "Well, I thought I'd have some hardboiled eggs for dinner (Mom's out shopping with my sister), so I peeled some, put them on a plate and warmed them in the microwave. I put the plate on the counter, stuck my fork into one and BLAM! It exploded -- sending egg everywhere -- on me, on the counter, on the dishes . . . "

Me: "Oh my gosh!!"

Dad: "I guess some sort of pressure built up inside. Thought you might want to know so you don't have any exploding eggs."

Ironically, hubby was just peeling some eggs to make egg salad . . . but his will be refrigerated. No warmed, exploding eggs for him, thank you very much!

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Kristal said...

My Dad would so call me blaming me for his exploding eggs!

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