Happy Mail Day

It's remarkable how happy I can be over silly little things in life. I just experienced "Happy Mail Day!" No bills, no annoying advertisements, or political ads - just Happy Mail. Here's what showed up in my mailbox today:

A newsletter and coupons from Archiver's - yessss!
A coupon flyer for Yankee Candle - sweet!
A new Baker's Catalogue - woo hoo!
A Franklin Covey flyer - awesome!
I know, all of the above are asking for my money one way or another. And honestly I probably won't use most of them. But it's still fun to get mail from companies I like. I really will use the Archiver's coupons as I'm back into scrapping on a somewhat regular basis.

Prior to the arrival of Happy Mail, I did something very nostaligic, environmentally friendly, and just kind of fun. I hung a clothesline out back and hung up our towels to dry - out in the glorious sunshine, gentle breeze, and fresh air of the day. I was even able to find a bag of clothes pins. I'm kind of pathetic when it comes to knot-tying, though, so I'm not sure how well my lines will hold up. In fact, they are already swaying down quite a bit from their original height. But the towels aren't on the ground (yet). Just the thought of nice, fresh, air-dried towels is appealing.

Yes, I'm enjoying the simple, little things of life today. And as Martha would say, "It's a good thing." Or better yet, as God would say (a bit out of context, but don't ruin my fun), "It is very good."

Wishing you a Happy Mail Day!!


Gina said...

I love my clothesline! My husband and I were discussing yesterday why the laundry companies can't replicate that dried outside smell. The *think* they can but there's nothing like it.

We might be a lot alike but our hobbies definitely differ. I can't stand scrapbooking! LOL

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

I know what you mean. I love the way the towels smell that were dried outside yesterday!

The other thing I was thinking about is how much my kids have missed out by not having the kind of clothesline we had when I was young. You know - the one with the poles at each end and about 4-5 lines running down it? We had endless hours of entertainment - from playing on the T-poles at the ends to hanging blankets and making forts, among many other things.

My mom doesn't scrap either, but she has come to crops with me and then she knits! In fact, we used to have a scrapping group at church that we called Stoneworks Scrapbookers, but then we added SKS at the end - for Secret Knitters Society!

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