Happy Habits of a Homeschooler

Every Friday, the Heart of the Matter Online hosts a homeschool meme. This week, we get to share our Happy Habits. In my case, it's ONE Happy Habit.

Daily Walk - It's a short little jaunt around our neighborhood loop, but we enjoy it immensely. Even if the day starts out poorly, moods aren't the best, or whatever, taking our 20 minute walk always improves our outlook. Our neighborhood is quite nice and well-kept, so it's a pleasure to view the gardens, yard art, and say "hi" to a few neighbors.

We've recently experienced some winter weather here in Colorado, but the that hasn't stopped the gardens from blooming.

Path through an empty lot to the local park

Lovely flowers

Curly-cue yucca

I just love grape hyacinths!


louise said...

You have a beautiful area to take a walk through. That is a great habit!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful scence to walk through!

Momala said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Your pictures are gorgeous!


Robert said...

I really like that first one of the path. I've always enjoyed paths or roads in photographs. And the flowers are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

No wonder your spirits get lifted with views like those! The curly-cue yucca are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful landscape - I would be happy, too! Check out Sprittibee's blog: I trademarked you! :-)

Renae said...

Ah! Look at those mountains. A walk there would make me happy, too. :)

Beth said...

Gorgeous pictures! I love spring flowers.


Living Life said...

What a beautiful blog! We were in your neck of the woods today. We went to Garden of the Gods. It was the first time I was there. The rest of the family had been there before. It was SO beautiful. I posted today, if you have time check it out. I've been so busy!

Mycrazylife said...

What a great habit to have. I need to walk more, especially in the morning when the birds are singing. I know it would improve attitudes!

Love the beautiful blooms!

Gina said...

I thought of you last night when the news showed pictures of snow in Denver. I told my husband it better not be headed East. :-)

Val said...

Hi Dianne! I read your article on your daily task sheet and think that plan is just brilliant! Do you by any chance have a PDF file of that? I have a 6th grader and a 1st grader right now that I would love to modify this idea for.

And can I ask you some more questions (related to homeschooling)? I am feeling very lost with my 6th grader right now... and I would love some imput from a mama who has been there.

My email is BlueRoseMama@hotmail.com



Randi said...

We need to start taking our walks too. We have a new puppy that would love to tour the neighborhood!

SuperAngel said...

OH those are so beautiful! I *LOVE* them!
Thanks for sharing them.
Miss Amanda

brooke said...

those flowers aer pritey

deb and brooke

Heidi @ Southpaugh Homeschool said...

Great idea!
I do miss seeing the mountains (every now and then) - - I use to live in Canon City, CO.
Thanks for sharing!

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