Yuck - a Review

Just to set the record straight, Yuck is a noun, not a verb. So this is not a review that's yucky. It's a review of Yuck from the folks at Buckets-O-Fun.

So here's the short review: my two teenage boys loved this stuff! They played with it for an hour and a half! The first time.

And the long version: We received a sample pack, so there were small portions of each of four types of Yuck; Chunky Yuck, Snowy Yuck, Saucy Yuck, and Sticky Yuck. What you start with is some dry stuff resembling rock salt, sugar, or powder. You place the Yuck into a bowl (or wading pool) and add some water (don't worry - they'll tell you how much to add). It absorbs the water and becomes some wild and crazy polymer substance that is loads of fun to play around with. It's a blast for most ages, although I wouldn't recommend it for kids who like to put everything in their mouths.

Each product includes instructions for mixing, as well as a variety of ideas for fun and games. There is also information for mixing each product in a scientific manner as you go through the steps. I imagine most kids could probably come up with a bunch more ideas for their Yuck.

We started with Chunky Yuck because it has a longer absorption time. We ended up with a big bowl of resembling jello-y ice cubes. Well, not cubes, but blocky-shaped pieces. According to the packaging, Chunky Yuck is great fun for hydrating in a wading pool and you can hide things in it for kids to find, wrestle in it, or other such things. Personally, I'm thinking you could even lay in it in the summer and just chill.

Next up, we mixed up Sticky Yuck. Emphasis on the word sticky. Once you're in it, you're not sure you'll ever get out. One son loved it, the other one preferred to play with other Yucks.



The much-anticipated Snowy Yuck was mixed next.

water being poured into Snowy Yuck

This stuff is amazing - it looks exactly like snow. But it's not cold, nor does it melt. I was thinking this could be really fun for some sort of centerpiece at Christmas. They recommend using this one in a wading pool for similar games as with the Chunky Yuck. You could also put it down on a Slip-N-Slide™ for some extra slippery sliding. Great way to have a Christmas in July party.

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Last, we mixed up the batch of Saucy Yuck, which gives you some Yucky fun in the consistency of applesauce. They recommended using Saucy Yuck in water balloons or on the Slip-N-Slide™. You can also purchase a Yuckooza (Yuck accessory) with which to shoot your Saucy Yuck at friends and family.

If plain old white Yuck doesn't cut it, you can also purchase tints to add for someone colorful Yuck fun. Yuck comes in one, five, and fifty pound packages. The one pound packages range from $16-20. You can check the website for the larger amounts. If you'd like to try each one to get a Yucky feel for them, you can request a sample packet. They'll send one out per individual/organization. Then you can decide just which Yuck is right for you.

While you're at the site, be sure to take a look at the other terrific things Buckets-O-Fun carries. Things like inflatable Belly Bumpers and Mammoth Beach Balls or perhaps water balloon launchers and Sqwistles.

My high school boys thought Yuck rocked! They're very excited to order some more.

Disclaimer: I was provided a free sample packet of Yuck to review. The opinions stated here are my own.

Not to worry - Yuck is a non-toxic, water-based product. They all clean up with warm water, and in the case of Sticky Yuck, a little patience and some paper towels.

You can check out others TOS Crew members' experience with Yuck here.

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The dB family said...

Sounds like great yucky fun :o)! I know some kiddoes who would love this!


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