Welcome to the Neighborhood

While outside photographing our backyard deer a couple of weeks ago, I met our new neighbor. I will call her Denise. Even though that's not her name. But I have no permission to use her real name out here in the blogosphere.

Anywho. I met our new neighbor and she seems quite nice. We chatted for awhile before heading back to our regularly scheduled days. Since then, I've been thinking that I should do something nice to welcome her to the neighborhood. After all, that's the neighborly thing to do, right? And she's the newest person in the neighborhood next to my own family.


But what do I do? Back when, you could take someone a plate of cookies or perhaps a homemade loaf of bread with a jar of jam. But then I think,

What if she's gluten intolerant?

What if she's on a sugar-less diet?

What if she has soy allergies?

So now what am I supposed to do? I don't know her well enough to know her tastes in decorating. I can't exactly get her a housewarming gift. Even a gift card to a local restaurant might be nice, especially during all the busyness of a move. But then we're back to the previous questions, and then some.

What if she doesn't like Chipotle? Maybe even can't stand cilantro (horrors!).

What if she doesn't care to support national chains?

What if she only eats raw?

Good grief! When did it become so difficult to offer a gift to a new neighbor? Why do our lives have to be SO complicated? I'm not trying to make light of people's health, but this is rather frustrating.


Katia said...

What if you take her just a bouquet of flowers? or a basket of fruit?
I have a couple of friends who are all into the "healthy, organic, everything else is bad for you" type of lifestyle... we had a huge open house and one of them they lingered for awhile after it was over, helping us clean things out....as we cleaned things up I offered her to take leftovers home, she suddenly changed her mood and said they didn't eat this and that.....I kept thinking to my self????what did they eat here this evening?
It's extremely frustrating dealing with people who have so many concerns with food. Worse yet is when they become extremely defensive of their beliefs about it.

Your cookies look wonderful, you can bring them over my house any time.

i cant decide said...

Good question. If she has children I would take cookies anyway. I don't eat sugar, etc but I would see the plate of cookies as a nice gesture and find someone to share them with. You reminded me that I meant to make brownies for our new neighbors and forgot!

Emily said...

Regardless of what you do or don't do...It is a nice gesture. If she's a gracious person she'll accept anything as just that.

You're a good neighbor. I need to remember to do that next time we have new neighbors.

The dB family said...

It's definitely the thought that counts. If she doesn't eat something for whatever reason, I'm sure she will pass it on to someone else. I know if I was new in the neighbourhood, I would appreciate the kindness of a neighbour.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing more heart-warming than a plate of cookies or a pie - regardless of whether it's your favorite or not. Just the kindness is a magical thing that makes the gift perfect!

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