a miracle

To say my oldest son is picky about food is a major understatement. Getting him to taste anything new is virtually impossible.

Our family loves to watch Good Eats. Where else can you catch a cooking show that shares history and science tidbits along with a big dose of humor? It turns out that not only is it a great show for those reasons, but Alton Brown actually has influence on my very picky son. He's constantly oohing and aahing over food that I can't fathom he'd ever consider tasting. Alton truly makes things appealing.

Yesterday a Penzey's store opened up here and we dropped in to check it out today. It was there that my son discovered the jars of crystalized ginger. Prior to the recent episode on ginger, there is NO WAY he would have tasted anything to do with ginger. Except the time he tried one of my ginger mints. I tricked him with the word mint. Which he did not like.

So back to Penzey's. We're checking out all the spices, herbs, and seasonings when my son decides to purchase his very own jar of crystalized ginger. Not only did he spend his very own money on it, he tasted it. Entirely of his own accord.



Will wonders never cease?

Not as long as we can watch Good Eats. As a mom, I am singing your praises, Alton! Keep up the awesome work, my friend.

Well, not that we've met or anything. I don't think he considers me a friend. Especially since he doesn't know me. But he's certainly my friend, given that he's the only person on this entire planet who could convince my son to try something new.

It is truly a miracle.


Anonymous said...

Penzy's stores are AWESOME!! I first discovered them on St. Louis, when I was visiting Eric. We were on our way to a guitar shop (big surprise!) and I noticed it. Had to check it out! This old, old building, wood floors, nice fresh new wood panelling throughout the store, the smell of a Penzy's is simply amazing! I ended up calling Lou- back home in Florida several times, asking her what she'd like, trying to shop long-distance for her. I regretted she couldn't share the Penzy's experience with me for a long, long time... until we discovered one day that there was one here, only about 14 miles away- heading towards downtown! She's now a Penzy's regular. Everyone who loves to cook should have a Penzy's nearby!!

Beth said...

I LOVE Alton Brown and Good Eats!! My brother and I could watch a marathon of that show. My kids love watching cooking shows with me, I think you're right--if you can get them thinking about food differently it can really change what they'll try.

Way to go for your son!

jayayceeblog said...

Oh, that is too funny. Letting them make their own decisions (and especially when they spend their own money) makes all the difference in the world!

Unknown said...

I have the pickiest eater in teh world- I may need to check this Good Eats out!!


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