While driving home today, sans children, I was pondering the whole issue of abiding in Christ - really staying close with God. And then I got a picture of Velcro.


It occurred to me that being close to the Lord is like two pieces of Velcro. Of course, I'm the scratchier one. If I'm walking tight with Him, we stick together. Wherever He leads, I'm there. When we're apart, I may find myself sticking to other things in this world, but none will be like Him. Either the bond isn't as tight, or it's so tight that I'm trapped and strangled, unable to let go.

I also pick up fuzz and dirt and crud when I'm not connected to Him. The accoutrement presents obstacles to abiding. In fact, if I try to get close to Him, I can't abide - or stick - as tightly any more because of so much of the world's debris on me. Have you ever tried to put two pieces of Velcro together when one had a bunch of fuzzy stuff on it? It just doesn't work so well.

Who knew? Walking with Jesus is kind of like being a piece of Velcro.



Catherine said...

Great illustration!

Suzanne said...

Love this word picture! God (the fuzzy side) is always the same, He never changes.

Jenn @ Beautiful Calling said...

I came here from (in)courage, following a comment while wondering what person has had nothing wonderful to share. But you will in a moment because I looked around your blog; it's beautiful and real. Then I noticed that the pictures say Bunny Trails Photography which I am assuming means you took them? They are beautiful and you did an amazing job with the anniversary collage. While I use a camera and just randomly snap away, generally capturing the event I was hoping to, your pictures also capture beauty. You have a lot of talent.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me you should not be sad... to have no kind words to share either. ( I also followed a trail from incourage) You have a beautiful blog, and inspirational reading... And must be a vry gd photographer. :) I will be looking forward to reading your blog some and enjoying the encouragement it brings.

i cant decide said...

So very true!

The dB family said...

What a beautiful illustration. I would love to use this with my girls at girls club! Thank you for sharing your wisdom!


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