Happy Anniversary to Us

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I have now been married for half of my life. From here on out, I will always have been married longer than not married. Which is a very good thing. God blessed me tremendously when he brought John into my life.

  • He lets me sleep in on Sunday mornings, goes downstairs, and cleans the kitchen. Even though he needs the sleep more than I do.
  • He doesn't care what I do with my hair - long, short, straight, curly, colored, whatever
  • He buys milk early in the morning so the kids & I don't have to go without cereal (them) and iced chai latte (me)
  • He holds my hand when we're walking together
  • He always hugs & kisses me and tells me he loves me before leaving the house or going to sleep
  • He cleans the cat box
  • He pulls over and stops while driving so I can take pictures of things
  • He sometimes lets me have the remote
  • He thinks I'm beautiful even without makeup
  • He holds doors open for me
  • He has integrity
  • He taught me how to four-wheel
  • He is patient
  • He sends me sweet smoochie texts
  • He hugs & kisses me, just because
  • He loves our boys
  • He loves Jesus
  • He is honest and loyal
  • He writes me love notes on the shower walls
  • He lets me whine and vent when I'm overwhelmed. And he just listens.
  • He pushes the cart at the store
  • He supports me in homeschooling our boys
  • He gives me time off
  • He loves his in-laws
  • He is helpful to many
  • He works hard
  • He changes the oil in my van
  • He is humble
  • He disposes of the bad food in the frig
  • He gets rid of bugs and spiders
  • He loves his mom and siblings
  • He doesn't care if there's nothing planned for dinner and we eat pancakes. Or order pizza
  • He fixes almost everything
  • He has never been anything but kind to me
  • He lets me be me
  • He never complains about anything I don't do. Or do.
  • He loves me, no matter what

I sure do love you, John!!

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Tracy said...

What a great guy! Cutie too! Happy Anniversary to both of you!

Michelle said...

Happy Anniversary! What an awesome godly guy you have there! I hope you have many more!

I have been greatly blessed with 18 years of marriage to a loving godly man! I praise God for how He is working in so many marriages!

Barb said...

Praise God for him and you sweetie! God is sooo very good, and I'm sure He's thrilled with just how perfectly He made the two of you for each other!! He is awesome like that! Loved reading your list, our men deserve the kudos and respect for all they do!
Happy Anniversary to you both!

Unknown said...

Whst a wonderful way to honor your partner. Congratulations to you both. I am sure he would have a list just as long about you. If not longer. :-)

Anonymous said...

God really blessed our family with John! (Your turn comes next March, Dave). We are all so blessed. Glad you have such a sweet honey!

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

What a PRECIOUS tribute to him and your marriage! I love that your list kept going and going and GOING! And that I got to know John a little bit through your eyes.

THIS is the kinda thing that rocks my socks! You're a wise wife to articulate a lot of things most of us let go unsaid (just because we don't think to say 'em).

HAPPY Anniversary! You certainly sound it! :)


Thoughts for the day said...

What an awesome tribute to your husband. He sounds like a wonderful man.
We have been married almost 37 years and believe me it has been a journey of ups and downs...when you look back and say to each other "we made it" and you know you did for each other, for your children and grand children (we have 6). IT is worth it and it is a legacy for them to hold on to.
Blessings to you.

Valerie said...

A belated anniversary wish to you. What a special way to honor your husband. He surely is a gift from God.

Next year I will be right where you are (I think) 48 and married for 24 years. I didn't think about that until you wrote it. Married for half your life. wow.

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