Life's Soundtracks

I believe that it's fairly common to have a song stuck in your head. It certainly is for me.

Over the past few years, I've discovered that I have a major song trigger. You may find this quite surprising, this trigger.

You ready for this?


Yeah, go figure. Words. Any words. Words on paper. Words spoken by someone. Words in a book title. Words in an email. I have days when I've already gone through a dozen songs and have only been awake for half an hour.

My brain has enough things going through it at any given moment. Having those thoughts overlaid with multi-layer soundtracks can be overwhelming and maddening. On a happy note, it doesn't happen to me all the time. If it did, I'd have to be fitted for a pretty white jacket.

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has this issue.


Pretty please.

sheet music

Oh yeah, and while we're on this topic, I woke up yesterday with a song in my head. A song that doesn't exist. It was a song from my bizarro dream. No, not a complete song. Not one that I can write, set to music, sell, and become an international superstar from. And yes, I know I ended my sentence in a preposition. Bad homeschool grammar nazi mom! Yes, I also realize that I started the previous sentence with a conjunction. Stop editing me, already.

It was a dorky little kid song. I'm not saying little kid songs are all dorky. Just the one that came out of my dream and into reality. Sadly, I only knew one line - either the starting line or part of the chorus. I couldn't really tell. It had a tune, as well. But I've since lost it.

My husband's response?

"Only you, honey"

Really? Is it only me?

How do music and songs affect the rest of the population?


Lorraine said...

Nope. Not just you. I love music. So many times a word or phrase will trigger a song in my head. I get earworms all the time! Youtube is my friend, because once a song is stuck, I have to listen to it to get it out.

I swear, between this and AGCB... Maybe we were separated at birth or something. :)

Emily said...

Definitely not just you... I ALWAYS have music/songs stuck in my head. I used to say I wished life was a musical so I could randomly burst into song (and dance) but then I realized that I live a musical in my head...

I do hang out with a lot of musicians too... It's a completely normal thing in that sect of society. :)

Valerie said...

people laugh at me all the time - because they will say something - and I end up singing a song that either has those words or the same meaning, can't help it - that is always the way I have been.

It's a good thing at times - especially when I am reading scripture - I almost feel as though God is giving me a response to share with Him - for what He has done/said.

I'm new to your blog - followed it here from (in)courage. Felt bad that you said no one said anything nice /good about you.

I loved your velcro post. It made me think about me - and how hard it was for me to come upon something nice someone said about me.

Seems I am always the disciplinarian at home - and the kids don't like that. I am the complainer - and no one likes that - so I can easily compare myself to the scratchy feel of the velcro.

How I long to stay continually connected to Jesus - where He can cover all of my faults and I can be perfect in his eyes - because of Him.

Thank you for posting your thoughts. You encouraged me today!

The dB family said...

Definitely not just you. Our whole family here does it. Worse still is making up new words to tunes that already exist and having those spin around in our minds until the next song takes over. It's become a bit of a game in our home. Wouldn't it be nice if we could hang on to those good/fun/interesting parts of our dreams just a little longer?


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