Bugs in our House

A couple of weeks ago, on a very cold and snowy Sunday afternoon, my husband and I did the unthinkable. We allowed our boys to purchase bugs - very big bugs - and bring them home. And play with them on our dining table.

Fortunately, these bugs aren't very alive. Well, they do skitter around when you turn the switch on. Assuming the batteries are good.

Just what kind of bugs am I talking about?

Hex Bugs Nano


They are actually quite hilarious. The boys set up a big arena on the table to keep them from running off the side, complete with assorted obstacles for them to bump into and veer off in a different direction. Laughter abounded with five of these little guys zipping around.


You can check out videos of them here. If you're in need of some fun little stocking stuffers, I would highly recommend these. They're portable, inexpensive, and good for hours of fun.


Not only that, but if you have a cat, you can add further amusement to your day by putting your Hex Bug on the floor and taunting the cat.


Until it scurries under the refrigerator where her boy can't reach it.


I'm so over those bugs. They're so yesterday.


Disregard the snarky cat comment. They really are fun and so not yesterday.


kayerj said...

for fun!

The dB family said...

These sound like great fun! Btw, snarky :o) kitty is beautiful, but maybe you don't want to tell him I said that ;o).

I love the new blog look too! How did you draw the bunny and get the carrot on your signature? I love it!! I think you know faaaar more html that I ever will!


Anonymous said...

WOW why haven't I seen these before??? Those are cool!!!!!!!!

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