Cookie Sampling

Every year in December, The Girls* get together for a breakfast or lunch out and to give Christmas gifts (secret name drawing).

*The Girls - Mom, my sister, four other good friends, and me. We've been doing things together for years and our kids are friends.

Due to a variety of employment situations, or lack thereof, and decreased finances, I thought it would be nice if we did something different. Something that cost little to nothing and would still be fun.

Eating out and gift shopping costs money. Cookie swaps are nice, but you have to make a TON of cookies. So how about a cookie sampling? Each of us brought a batch of cookies - enough to share with the others (and kids that were present). Prior to our gathering, each lady sent me her recipe. Using my mad creative skillz, I made a cookie recipe book (to be posted here soon) for each of us.

cookie table

We had coffee, chai, and hot tea and a lovely afternoon visiting, enjoying some tasty treats, and it didn't cost more than a batch of cookies.


lime creams

lemon drops

ginger cookies


chocolate fingers

I think it was a great success!!


Beth said...

what a great idea! I am so glad to hear stories like this where people are using common sense to make their budgets go further. Who needs 12 batches of cookies anyway? or some random gift that was picked simply b/c it was under $10? Love the pictures. Waiting for the recipes.....!


Unknown said...

You made our food look even BETTER with those up-close shots! Thank you! I can't wait to do some baking soon. Jenny

Anonymous said...

oh those almond thingies look great! Be still my heart

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