Shots of Christmas

We had a very lovely Christmas this year. Christmas Eve was spent at hubby's mom's place, Christmas morning at my parents, and Christmas dinner at my sister's. Of course, I always take a ton of photos, but I was surprised to find that I only took 165 on Christmas day. I can't possibly put them all up, but thought I'd share a few.

My mom and the grandkids.
the grands

I thought the Comedian was zoomed in further, so hubs & I should lean in for the shot. Not so much, I guess.
2 of us

Back in November, ClayGuy made a tiny little penguin for each member of the family. Scroll down a couple more pictures for a better size perspective.
Can you find my penguin? She has a camera.

Close up of hubby's tool guy penguin. Interestingly, he got a tool box for Christmas. (Love the tiny little bokeh.)
tool penguin - 2

A little size perspective
tool penguin

My mom, preparing pie crusts. Take note of the beautiful wooden rolling pin. My uncle made that. It's a lovely piece of art and she enjoys using it.
mom pie-1

Behind her is the holder for the rolling pin. He made that, too.
mom pie-2

I am so blessed with family that all lives in the same town, everyone gets along, and we truly enjoy each other's company. That's what really made it such a wonderful time.


Beth said...

Merry Christmas!

Your Clayguy is very talented--I had no idea! Those penguins are adorable!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful, fun-looking family!

Those penguins sure do have personality!

The dB family said...

Your pictures are fabulous! What talent in your family too. The penguins are so detailed and cute! What a neat gift! And what a beautiful rolling pin too!


carrie said...

gosh I miss you guys.

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