A Gremliny Update

Just to let you know, that adorable little dude in my WW post is none other than the one and only Cuteness - the very well-posted son of my awesome friend, Carrie, The Gremlin Wrangler. While she is a photographer extraordinaire, I am ever so pleased to inform you that I'm the one who shot this one as well as the Wordless Wednesday post. Of course, after taking some 5,000 few hundred photos of so much cuteness, I had to get something worthy of sharing, no?

Where did the ball go?

(Carrie - it's unedited. Help yourself, my friend. I'll play with it later. I really need to go to bed.)

BTW, he really is that cute. I know this for a fact. He lived at my house for nearly four days. Along with the rest of the Gremlins and their parents. Unlike the movie, however, when it got dark and late, there were no rowdy little gremlins running amuck. Instead, there were four parents engaged in the following (choose any five or ten words and you'll get the idea):

guffaw, belly laugh, deep laugh, howl, howling, laughter, loud laugh, roar, shout, shriek, snort, chortle, chuckle, cluck, crow, gibber, giggle, gobble, guffaw, quack, snicker, snigger, titter

And what brought on this uncontrollable hysteria?

Need a little laughter in your day . . . or evening . . . or whatever? Check out those links. It's good stuff. It's best if enjoyed while not eating, drinking, or having a full bladder. Don't say I didn't warn you.

PS - hope all the links work well. If not, lmk - I wouldn't want you to miss out on the fun.

1 comment:

carrie said...

it's a great shot of him saying, "Where'd it go?"

he had a great time with you all, as did the rest of us.

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