Fun with Fireworks

Usually on the Fourth of July, we have a BBQ and fireworks and hang out and such. However, since Independence Day fell on Saturday - church night for us - it threw our traditional plans off just a bit. It also poured like crazy before and during church, which we thought might further alter our plans. Fortunately, it let up after we got back home, and the kids were able to play with some fireworks after all. We didn't get a lot of different things - just sparklers, twirly sparkly thingies (that's their technical name, of course), firetrucks, and snakes.

My niece is the biggest ham. Which just happens to work well when I'm a big camera junkie. She's always a willing subject and just cute as ever. While her red, white, and blue shirt was fun, there was something kind of cool about the b&w to me.

mrs sparkler

I love sparklers! They never get old. Not even when you're 15.

sparklers - c

The Comedian and my youngest niece.

sparklers - mz

I like how my niece's circle encompasses her sister.

sparklers - mb

These firetrucks would shoot off in one direction, sparks flying, then stop. Then they'd take off in the reverse direction with the same effects. And once again, they'd head out as in the beginning. At the end of it all, the hose/pipe/whatever would raise up and shoot some more sparks. I don't recall real firetrucks doing that.


I decided I was very grateful for the earlier rain, though, as I suspect it made the firefighters' job much easier that night.


Anonymous said...

WOW great pics (as usual) :)

Susie Buetow said...

Love them! I blog hopped over!!!!! hugs, susan

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