Alarm Cat

Our cat (her name is Savannah, if you must know. But she doesn't use her real name, so we don't either) is very, very social in the morning. She needs someone to stand nearby when she eats, she wants to talk - a lot, and just kind of hang out with you. So when nobody is up and about in the house when she's feeling her human bonding needs, she takes matters into her own hands, er, paws.

Because I stayed up to an insanely late hour last night this morning working on homeschool plans, I wasn't exactly ready to hop out of bed at my normal time. Plus with this cold, damp weather we're having, my warm bed was extra cozy. So Miss Kitty decided to remedy that problem, entering my bedroom, meowing quite loudly and often. Being that I'm a very skilled ignorer of Alarm Cats when I wish to sleep, she got no response.

So she hopped up onto the bed, meowing even louder, while stepping on me. It's amazing how a cat might not seem that heavy until all her weigh is compressed into the space of a paw pressing into your thigh. Round 2 went again to the Ignorer of Alarm Cats.

Round 3 and Miss Kitty has moved to standing on her back legs at the mirrored closet doors, scratching the mirrors, while exercising her lungs. Ignorer of Alarm Cats rolls over and curls up for more sleep.

Round 4 finds Miss Kitty in the bathroom, pulling open the cupboard door and letting it bang shut. Over and over and over and over and over again. She knows this one really gets to me.

All right, already!! You may have won this round, Miss Kitty, but I am still the champion Ignorer of Alarm Cats. I got up because I needed to. So there.


Darcy @ m3b said...

Oh my gracious... I love her. She and Lucy are definitely kindred spirits.

So, what's in the Pampered Chef box? Anything fun? ;)


Debo Hobo said...

Oh my goodness gracious my pumpkin bumpkin is the exact same way..and yes his 10lbs feels like 30 when it is pin pointed into my thigh or neck.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Awwww, you have a beautiful tortishell like us! I totally hear you about how heavy they can be when they step on us. One of our three kitties still paddy paws me at night right in the belly. Ouch! haha

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