What a Day

Sometimes your day goes according to plans. And then there are days like Easter Sunday.

The plan? Get up, hang out for awhile, start prepping my part of Easter dinner. Pick up some lunch and head to mother-in-law's. Come home and finish frog eye salad, scalloped potatoes, and rolls. Pack up the food and head over to my sister's house. Have some dinner, clean up, play a game or two.

The reality? My sister calls in the morning to tell me she's fallen (yes, she could get up) and hurt her wrist (and knee) badly. It's bruised, has a bump that shouldn't be there, and she can hardly use it. They dropped my nieces off with us and headed to the ER.

In the meantime, I was working in the kitchen, turned on the dishwasher, and the drain began to back up into the sink. Rather significantly. So hubby pulled everything out from under the sink, only to discover that there was a lot of water under and the sink was no longer draining. Instead of getting to do the things he'd planned, he got to play plumber for the afternoon.

The kids wanted to play Wii, but that was off-limits for awhile. They couldn't watch tv because the satellite wasn't receiving any signal, thanks to much wet snow, and the DVD player wouldn't cooperate. They finally pulled out some board games (Sorry & Clue) and had a terrific time. It's a good thing to be unplugged.

We skipped MIL's house, but hubby called and chatted a bit with her. I spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen, juggling potato peeling, acini de pepe cooking, and picking up with making numerous grilled cheese sandwiches, all while skirting the pile of cleaning supplies in the middle of my floor. Once the plumbing was done, hubby helped out in that arena, too. For whatever reason, those kids were sure hungry. After the first batch of grilled cheese were gone, they wanted more sandwiches to eat!

We had planned to go with mostly paper/plastic for Easter dinner. Instead of the usual three of us (Mom, my sister, and me) to handle setting up dinner, cleaning up, and washing dishes, there were only one and a half available. Turns out my sister's hand wasn't broken, but very severely bruised. Bad enough that she can't even use it. Fortunately, it's her left hand; she's right-handed. My mom's still recovering from knee replacement surgery and she overdid it on Saturday. That left me. Or so I thought.

My dad and brother-in-law stepped in and were a tremendous help! Everything came together quite nicely and we had a lovely dinner. Once it was all cleaned up, we played a rousing game of six dice. It was the one game which my sister could easily play one handed. We didn't make her keep score.

Oh yeah, it snowed in the morning. Enormously large, wet flakes. Covered everything and was very wet. Which is a very good thing. It's been far too dry here.

And just for laughs, we looked over into the play area after dinner to discover this:

Some days are just like that.

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carrie said...

love the barbie. Don't love all the hurtin' going on over there, though. Hope everyone starts getting better!

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