April 1 Thoughts

April 1st

My friends Amanda & Jocelyn Dixon pointed out a different perspective last year on April 1st. One that I hadn't particularly thought of. It was all about the anti-fool side of things. If you click on their names above, you can go to each of their posts this year with their thoughts on April Fool's Day.

I've often pulled tricks of some sort, although not really much in recent years. Last year, I did catch my boys with some frozen breakfast cereal. It was all in fun and quite harmless. They had a good laugh and enjoyed some cereal they don't normally get to have. So there was a treat behind the joke.

I don't exactly know where I'm going with this, but it was just one of those things that I found interesting. I don't believe in jokes or tricks that are harmful, mean-spirited, or cruel. But I also don't have a problem with the little things we sometimes do in our own family - on the basis that both parties will enjoy it.

What are your thoughts?


And then there's the other part of April 1 for me. It's my cousin's birthday. Or it was. She went to be with the Lord four years ago this month. As much as I kind of thought that I would be sad, it was a little hard. She's in the presence of Jesus! She suffers no more. There is no cancer ravaging her body. If she were still here, she'd have turned 45. I miss her. It's strange that we don't talk on the phone, mail each other cards, or visit any more. But it's all so much better for her. The only truly sad part, in my opinion, is her husband and children, who carry on without her physical presence. I suspect that yesterday was much harder for them. This whole month will probably be tough. It's not only the anniversary of her birth, but also of her death. So I will be diligent to pray for them.


I've sure been in a writing rut for some time it seems. I'm able to come up with ideas until I sit down at the keyboard. And then they slip away through the holes in my colander brain. I carry a little notebook in my purse, have them stashed all over the house, and probably in the car in case inspiration strikes. But it mostly only strikes when I'm away from the keyboard and have no ability to write something down. Why is that? It really makes me crazy and I'd like it to stop.

This is my big, annual scrapbooking weekend, so maybe that will get some creative juices flowing.

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Susan said...

I think it is fun to do jokes that no one would be upset by. We all had laughs throughout the day here. We can always use some more laughs!

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