Tell Me Thursday

I'd never heard of Tell Me Thursday until I received this comment on my Wordless Wednesday this week:

Ok, we're curious... we talked about you on the Tell Me Thursday podcast this week. Hope you'll tell us more!

This is a fun site because they decided they wanted to know more about true Wordless Wednesday posts. I think many of us have that desire, but these gals acted on it. They have a podcast where they talk about the posts and they list the links so you can go check them out. If yours is one of the links they've discussed, you do a new post explaining your photo, then go back and sign their Mr Linky. Now everyone can get the rest of the story.

Oh, I almost forgot. That means I need to post the rest of MY story. Ha! Ha!

We were playing cards with my parents and after my husband had unwrapped his Baby Bel cheese, he put the red wax halves on his eyes. Of course, his wife cried "photo op" and grabbed the camera. And the rest is . . . Wordless Wednesday and now Tell Me Thursday history.


Anonymous said...

Ah ha! I love those Baby Bels! Too funny and a great story!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for participating in Tell Me Thursday and for the kind words about the show.

We hope to see you there again soon! :-)

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