6th Day of Water

It's been easier and harder than I anticipated. As much as I'm known for my love of Dr Pepper, it's the iced chai latte at breakfast that I miss most of all. I also miss milk. I really do love milk.

Caffeine withdrawal symptoms have been varied.

Day 1:
I was fine all day. Drank plenty of water, wasn't sleepy, no headache.

Day 2: I had my SUPER tired day on Monday. Hardly able to function.

Day 3: The day was pretty good. Only tired a little in the afternoon.

Day 4: Twinge of a headache, bad muscle ache in my knees and thighs. I didn't know that muscle stiffness/soreness was a symptom. Ended up taking an epsom salt bath because my legs hurt so much.

Day 5: A little stronger headache twinge part of the day. Thighs hurt again. No time for a bath, so I used a hand massager. That seemed to help. By night time, they hurt a lot again, so I took another bath. When my legs hurt like that, I just want them to be as warm as possible, so following the bath, I sat in bed with the electric blanket on, while playing on the laptop.

Day 6: I still have a twinge of a headache today. I don't feel horrible, but I sure am dragging compared to my normal self. I'm highly unmotivated. In some ways I want to modify this plan. Stay off the soda, but allow myself chai and milk and tea. But then I think that'd be pretty lame of me. I'm also wondering if any of the muscle pain could be a result of decreased calcium and other milk goodness.

They (whoever "they" really are) say that caffeine withdrawal symptoms should last about a week. I'm hoping that this weekend, they will be dwindling away into nothingness. If not, modification may be in order. Or not. I'm such a harsh taskmaster. Only to me.

ps - notice the little ticker up there, keeping track of my savings? I put $100 as the total as a guesstimate. Who'd have thought? Five days into this and I've saved over $17?!? Wow. Even if I cave and modify this plan, which I probably won't. Or might. I'm so fickle. I'll still put in the same amount of money. The whole point of this is to help out others. I wouldn't want them to lack because of my weakness.


SuperAngel said...

My caffeine withdrawl symptons didnt last a week... it was about 3 or 4 days. :) I can't believe I haven't had any pop for 8 weeks tomorrow! :O WOW!
Keep going! I am cheering you on!
The Daily Planet

carrie said...

sounds like you're hanging in there. Good job!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there! You're doing great!
I still need to blog about how I'm doing with the challenge.
Did you get any snow today? We got just enough to wet a whistle, then it melted. =(

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Hope it is still going well for you...

I thought of you when I bought milk last night.


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