Changing of the Guard

I'd like you to meet my morning BFF. This is the cup from which I have iced vanilla chai latte each and every morning with breakfast. A close look confirms that this is a very well loved and used cup. It was a birthday present from my parents about six years ago. Sometimes, your BFFs have to go sit on a shelf for awhile. Or for 40 days anyway.

Now I'd like you to meet my new BFF.

My new BFF even has a lovely, but dirty, blue jacket. Because the water? It must be cold. Very cold. If not colder.

This is the companion that will go where I go, quench my thirst, and bring refreshment. Not only that, it will provide for a donation to Blood:Water Mission's 40 Days of Water Challenge. It starts today. You can still join in. I dare you.

If you're wondering where the Dr Pepper container is, well, there really isn't just one. At home I use the red cups. When I'm out, whatever cup is provided by the cafe, restaurant, or gas station will suffice. At Mom & Dad's, the stemmed or polka dot glasses. Too many choices for photos.


Suzanne said...

Thankfully Colorado Springs tap water is already pretty cool. I hesitate to commit, just because I have a hard time with my followthrough sometimes. I will definitely *try*. So far today, I am water only!

Anonymous said...

I did really good on Sunday! Water, water and more water.. even when faced with FREE coffee while spending the whole day in an ICU.
(Had a rough weekend! Not much sleep. I stayed at the hospital with my mom. Her hubbs is in ICU.)
I did wake up this morning and out of sheer sleep deprivation and not thinking.. I poured some coffee and indulged. Half way through my cup I remembered! It's been H2O all day. I'll be adding a $5 to make up for my goof.

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