Little of This and Some of That

Today is Day 19 of the 40 Days of Water Challenge. Tomorrow marks the half-way point. In the beginning, I did very well drinking only water. Part way through, I waffled a bit. Yes, I found some excuses loopholes through which I stepped. But I am still drinking MUCH more water than ever. I need to update my little ticker up there, but I'm pretty sure I'll be able to hit $100 by the end of 40 days.

Both my massage therapist and chiropractor could tell a HUGE difference in my body because of the water. They've always encouraged me to drink more. And they always knew that my veins were pumping with Dr Pepper. I know, I know, water is a good and necessary thing. Even though I doubt I'll give up the DP and chai lattes for good, I intend to keep up with "much more water." It's cheaper, healthier, and just all around better.

Yesterday, I won a Wacom Bamboo from the awesome folks at Play With Pictures!! It's a pen tablet that you use with your computer (click the link for more info). I've wanted one of these for quite some time now, so I'm super excited about that. The timing could not have been better. The Comedian just turned 14 and got a digital camera for his birthday. He loves taking pictures (hmm...I wonder where he got that from?). Last week, I ordered a unit study on digital photography. As soon as that arrives, we'll incorporate that into our school days. I figure ClayGuy can use my point & shoot and we can have some fun, fun, fun.

Oh, so back to the Bamboo. My sweet friend, Dawn, turned me onto this crazy fun program called Play With Pictures. It's a simple way to do wild things like this:

You can even download a free trial copy for 15 days to check it out and see what you think (It's inexpensive if you decide to purchase because you love it so much. Which you will.). I know, you're probably saying, "Don't you already have Photoshop CS3?" Yes, I do. But this is just a super quick and easy way to truly play with your pictures. You don't have to know all the ins & outs of PS or anything highly technical. Just jump in and have some crazy fun. Well, the PWP people are having all kinds of fun contests. They've already given away a digital camera, IPods, the Bamboo tablet, and now they have two IPhones up for grabs in the Gadget Givewaway. If you'd like to enter, head on over to their blog for more details. Oh, and be sure to click on the link to Dawn's site and see her fun and creative designs with PWP.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled blog post for a PSA.

The Department of Redundancy Department really appreciates it when you continually use one word over and over and over and over and over without ever bothering to pick up or look up a thesaurus for something else. Therefore, the Department of Redundancy Department is very proud of this blog for using the word "fun" a total of seven times, yes, that's SEVEN, in the section.

Thank you for your time. We now return you to your blog post already in progress.

Speaking of photos, I'm still keeping up with my Project 365 - at least on the shooting side of things. The uploading and posting . . . well, I'm slacking a bit there. I'm in the midst of a bit of busy chaos (not to be confused with unbusy chaos?) right now, but I should be back on track shortly (famous last words. well, not really. here are more words. and a few more.)

Speaking of last words, we got a new game the other day which is "an uproarious way to have the final say!" (notice I didn't say it's fun) Guess what it's called? LAST WORDS. If you're a word person and can think on your feet (or quickly while sitting), this is a game for you. I picked this one up at Target, but I'm sure it's available at many other places. It's put out by Buffalo Games, those quirky people who create and sell all kinds of fun enjoyable and entertaining games.

Well, it's nearly Friday. Go forth and enjoy your weekend. Play a game. Shoot a picture. Play with pictures. Do something, er, FUN!!


Beth said...

It's all just so...so....FUN!

I'll have to check out that Play with Pictures. I saw Dawn using it and it looks, well, yes, it looks fun :)

Anonymous said...

Luv the girl in a jar picture! that came out nice.!

Kaylia Metcalfe said...

Yay fun... I am a fan of fun.

(I use the word "yay" too much... makes me look all peppy and such, bah)

Good on you for the water! You should be very proud!

Anonymous said...

I'm still doing the water challenge, but the past two weeks I haven't doing very well with it. Long nights at the hospital.. water didn't cut it.
It really is amazing how good we feel with more water. Sure helps the bloating, too!

I will have to check out the play with pictures thing. How FUN!! =)


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