The New Camera

I wasn't trying to keep the new camera a secret or anything, I've just been rather limited as far as blog time. Well, that and new camera time. And playing with Photoshop CS3 time. And just about everything time. For one, we haven't been home much lately. And two, I'm trying to get this newsletter I'm working on done and out of here. And three, I'm still somewhat "boxed in" here at the new house.

So for those inquiring minds . . . here's my latest toy and appendage of my right hand:

Of course, I'll never give up my rockin' point & shoot - Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-N2. It's small. It lives in my purse. It's always available for my every photography whim. It's a well-used, well-loved camera that's stuck by me through thick and thin.

And because I've had a Canon 35mm Rebel already, I have a trusty lens that gets to move up to the digital SLR phase with me. It was a birthday present about 3 1/2 years ago and I just love it.


Jacque Dixon said...

That is awesome Dianne! I hope you get your newsletter done so that you have plenty of time for CS3 and your new camera!
Very cool that you have the lens that will work with it already.

carrie said...

your old lens is a telemacro?? jealous.

but I am soooo happy and excited for you!

Rachael said...

So. Jealous. Can't wait to see some pictures!

A Gilmore Girls Fan said...

Very exciting! That is a nice camera. This was almost like a WW post with all the pics. My Mother in-law is a photographer do I have seen her stuff. I know she has one like this and uses it ALL the time. hehe

Happy (sort of) WW. hehe

Kaylia Metcalfe said...


Big time.

~michelle pendergrass said...

Yeah Dianne!!!! I just got a Canon EOS Rebel XTi. WOWOWOWOW!

I love it. I don't know how I lived without it! I've already taken thousands of photos.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm SO jealous!!! :)

Antique Mommy said...

Oh I have a Canon Rebel! (back when Agassi had hair.) It's probably 12 years old now. It was a good good camera. You are going to love that Canon.

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