Colander Head

It has been almost a week since I've posted ANYthing here! I'm just a little too scattered to focus on much of anything. My memory seems to be on somewhat of a hiatus lately. I told hubs tonight that I think my head has transmogrified into a colander. Anything that makes its way into my brain/memory promptly slips out through the holes.

Tonight I thought I should call my mom and either tell or ask her something. Since I was preparing dinner, I picked up the phone, attached the headset, and completely forgot why I wanted to call her. I still have absolutely NO idea. Yikes.

My other analogy to my husband (no, I actually hadn't lost the first one - surprise!) was that my memory is sort of like a file cabinet that someone pulled all the drawers from, shook out all the contents, and left them floating around in an anti-gravity chamber. I glimpse a piece of information that's important, but as I reach in to grasp it, it floats out of view as quickly as it had come in. In the meantime, other things come floating by, each distracting me away from my original focus.

To top it off, I finally got a a digital SLR tonight, for which I am SUPER excited!! But I can't play with it, because I have other responsibilities that need to be handled. But there's the book . . . waiting to tell me what I need to know to use my awesomely cool new camera. Next thing you know, something else flutters past in the anti-gravity colander that is my brain, and I've headed down some other bunny trail.

I'm probably making no sense at all. But what the hey? I might as well make the rest of you woozy with my scrambled and scattered life, right? And who knows? Maybe I'm not the only one suffering from AGC (anti-gravity colander) brain? Maybe we could start a support group blog. Sounds good in theory, but I suspect we wouldn't remember that we had started a group. So much for that idea.

Guess I'll go to bed instead. Nighty night!

Nothing fancy, but I felt like I ought to put something in here besides my randomly wordy scribbling. No, it's not from the new camera. Those will be arriving soon, however.

My windchimes~


Di said...

I LOVE that!! Colander brain!! I'll have to use that. But of course, I'll probably forget it!

Anonymous said...

Another fellow AGC Brain sufferer here. I find making lists helps. until I lose the lists. but just getting everything down on paper where I can prioritize it all helps with the distractions.

and of course, whenever I do something not on the list, I write it down so I can cross it off. Yes, I am one of those. but then, at the end of the day, it's so much more satisfying to see all the crossed off items I did do, instead of all things I didn't get to.

Birdie said...

I have ADHD, so I totally understand.

Lorraine, I used to do the same thing with lists!

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