Saturday Night

I sort of thought I was out of my unblogging rut. Apparently not so much. There's a lot rolling around in my head, but I have yet to discover or create a wi-fi connection from my brain to my laptop. That, and I get sucked into Twitterville (IM crack, according to Sprittibee). So instead of writing blog posts, or posting photos at Photo Bunny, I'm busy communicating with my special friends that live in my computer in 140 characters or less.

We're hanging out tonight watching National Treasure (the first one), after having had a late dinner of pizza and rotisserie chicken. Well, ClayGuy & I had pizza. Hubs and the Comedian had the chicken.

I kind of hit a plateau in terms of unpacking and getting settled here at the new place. We moved things in sort of backwards it seems. The furniture ended up in the garage and the boxes in the house. I've gotten through some of the stuff, but the living/dining room has still been boxed in - literally. It's hard to unpack, though, when I have no furniture in which to put the things I plan to keep.

So today, we finally made some progress ~ moved some boxes to the garage, brought some furniture in, moved some other furniture, and put some things in the crawl space, out of our way. The living room is actually beginning to look sort of living-room-ish. People could actually sit down and visit together.

(Pretend there is an updated living photo here. I'll get there. Eventually.)

The Comedian has been dealing with a bit of a cold, although it appears to be clearing up. And no one else has been infected. Praise God!

We got rolling again with homeschool a couple of weeks ago. We're still not up to full-speed, but we're making progress. I need to get everything up and running here in the next week or so. I also downloaded Homeschool Tracker (the free, Basic edition), so now I need to enter all the appropriate data and records and grades. I hope this will be a beneficial and efficient program for me. Sometimes I still prefer paper and pen, so we'll see how this goes.

Photoshop CS3 arrived yesterday! I got it installed and feel a little lost now. The Comedian keeps asking if I like it and if I've done anything. My analogy for him went something like this:

If I'd never worked with any Photoshop products, I'd feel like a kindergartner walking into a high school classroom, having no idea what I was doing. Fortunately, I've already worked with Photoshop Elements, so I have a little bit of experience. So now I feel like a 4th grader walking into that high school classroom. A bit overwhelmed with all the amazing things this program can do. I've been watching some tutorials here and there. But I haven't actually DONE anything . . . yet. Hopefully I can put some of this into action.

Voting for the annual Homeschool Blog Awards starts Monday. So don't forget to drop by, check out some awesome homeschool blogs, and vote for your favorites.

Even though things are still a bit chaotic and disorganized around here, I really love our new home. It's smaller, but not too small. It's cozy and just right for our family, yet still big enough to have people over. Now that I have furniture in my living room, I'm more motivated to finish putting that together as well. I'll be going through boxes of stuff for years a long time, but it'll get there. I'm so much better about getting rid of things these days, and that's a very good thing.

Goodness, it's past midnight, the movie's over, and hubby went to bed. Guess I'd better pack it in for the night (even though it's morning). Sweet dreams!


carrie said...

I'm so glad you are starting to feel a little more put together over there. It's frustrating to know you're having issues and I'm a whole state over.

Anonymous said...

Looking a little bit like home! :) Very nice. I hope you get out of the rut. :P

LingoVise Says... said...

good luck with the unpacking... we've been here a year and are probably only about 80% unpacked.

you'll get there eventually - right ;)

SimplyAmusingDesigns.com said...

Yay! on getting home unpacked a bit. :) Your cd came with about 10 hours of photoshop tutorials too...so those might help you get started!

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