The newsletter is finally done! Today I an cleaning up our dining room table so we can use it once again . . . well, as a dining room table. It's been the landing space for a lot of paper, the laptop, and a printer (free with the camera - well, sort of free, we paid for it, then the entire cost gets rebated back, so eventually free).

Now it's time to get back to emptying boxes, getting rid of stuff, and putting the rest away. It seems to go in spurts - we get quite a bit accomplished and then do other things for awhile. Then it makes me crazy(er) and I dive in and tackle some more.

Oh yeah, and time to sweep and mop. The floors look horrible around here! White tile is lovely, but it has to be cleaned very, very often.

And now someone told me it's Thanksgiving this week! Yikes. Somehow it seemed that I still had another week. Where did that go? Fortunately, our holiday is pretty low-key this year. It will be the four of us and my parents for dinner. Mom & I split the cooking duties and we'll probably play some cards after dinner. Liverpool Rummy's our game. We also have the peripheral card holder play.

On a happy Thanksgiving note, hubs is off the Friday after (doesn't happen often), and the following Monday. Wheee!! - five whole days away from work for him! I love having him home. If I could just figure out how to pay all our bills without him going to that job . . . well, it would be a good thing.

I've been participating in a Jessica Sprague online class lately, although I'm terribly behind (I'm on Day 6 and the class is at Day 14). Fortunately, it's a self- . . . HEY! The Vocabulary Goblin just flew through and stole my word!



Anyway, the class is about writing the stories of your life - whether for scrapbooking, blogging, journaling, whatever. It gives them a concrete place to live. Which is good when you have an anti-gravity, colander brain. I get some great thoughts, but they sort of float away as quickly as they arrived. The first part of the class was the printing and assembling part. Now I get to catch up with the fun, remember, and writing part. I'll be squeezing that in when I need a break from boxes.

We really should get cracking on our Christmas shopping, I suppose. I really don't like the last-minute version. And while we NEVER shop on Black Friday, we are going to ONE store this year. But it's one that shouldn't contain the insanity of most. At least we're hoping. They've got a good start, though. They don't open at o'dark thirty. They're not a big, national store. So we're going to give it a whirl. But that's the ONLY place we'll be heading. Besides home. Which is the best place to be on BF, IMHO.

Oh, on a really happy note, we got an area rug for our living room that I absolutely LOVE!! Also a screen/storm door for the front door. Amazing how a door and a rug can bring such joy!

That's all the catching up I have for now. Maybe I'll get back to some regular posting, now that the newsletter is off my plate. Blessings to you all as you prepare for Thanksgiving.


Sprittibee said...

Love that shot of you writing in your planner. It takes at least a year to unpack, so don't kill yourself. ;) Just try and enjoy the holidays! Stress free, baby. Think relaxing thoughts. And if that doesn't work, go look up the morphing kitten on YouTube. Makes me smile every time.

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

I am interested in this online thing you are doing. I will have to check that out!

We still have too many boxes and we moved in last Christmas. When you find some more motivation send some my way. K


carrie said...

thanks for the meandering tour. Looks like you're making progress to me!

Anonymous said...

hey! I'm in the same class @ J. Sprague's website. though, I'm even further behind then you, I haven't printed thing 1 yet. *sigh* suppose I ought to at least save the info for a day when I can get to it.

Luv ur photos!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is a great rug! It would make me happy, too. :D

Your class looks interesting. I think I will hold off for now, but I'm going to check out the site now.

And have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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