I must say that God has a way of humbling us ME. Not that I even felt I was being particularly prideful in this particular area. But my most recent loooonnnnggggg posts both had typos. I already addressed one of them in this morning's post.

Much to my chagrin, I had MULTIPLE typos in this morning's post. You know, the one in which I mentioned the previous typo! Good grief. I believe that at last count, I was up to FOUR of them.

The great irony here is that I am the editor for a newsletter at my church for the women's ministry, the editor for the Heart of the Matter online mag, and prior to today, I would have proudly told you that I don't bother with spell check, because I am detail-oriented and I proof my work, and spell check doesn't do a very good job anyway. You know, it doesn't get the context of what I'm saying. Maybe I meant to type "your" and I type "you." Spell check just doesn't get that.

So here I sit, nibbling on a serving of humble pie, as I recognize that no one is above mistakes. Well, there is One - Jesus Christ. But He IS the only one. I may not have thought I was been feeling prideful, but those roots needed to be pulled out. Before they grew into something big and ugly.

Guess it was time for some weeding today.

PS - Thanks to Mom, Amy, and Dave for their exceptionally detailed proofing skills! Love you guys!

PSS - If anyone finds any typos in THIS post, just humor me and let it go.


Anonymous said...

Well, what can I say...I have mistakes all the time and spell check is my best friend. I used to e a very good speller, but over the years my spelling has gotten worse. It is inevitable. So don't sweat it, just come over and read all my errors and you will feel much better!

Di said...

I am a stickler for spelling and don't use spell check either. I get taken down a few notches from time to time also. Can I have some of that humble pie?

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