Who Comes Up With These?

So, what do you think these signs really mean?

Is this a substance that's going down into him? Or is it coming up and out? And if so, why is he laying in it? Or is it floating around his head? There's no point of reference - is he standing or laying down? Just what is the textured gray substance anyway?

Touch the shag carpet - you know you want to

Sever fingers here

And then there's this:

Do you really want snacks that come from the same machine as the soap? Does anyone ever get confused? Could you wash your clothes with a bag of Cheetos? I guess only if you wanted an orange wardrobe.

Washer-Extractors? What exactly are they extracting? And why is it an Express Lane? Is that for people who wash 15 items or less?

Oh, here's what was extracted - the water! So much so, that the towels are now glued to the drum. Good thing I brought my big, strong man with me. I may never have gotten those towels out of there.

There goes the "wash the kids while we're here" plan. Guess they'll have to get clean the old-fashioned way.

I wasn't sure if there'd be refreshment at the coin op since I haven't been to one in years (other than the time we had to wash a sleeping bag that someone lost his lunch dinner in at Boy Scout camp). I figured we'd take the BYORB (bring your own root beer) route.

Aw, he looks so sad. Like he's in trouble or something. Really, he's not. He's just playing games on his phone, while his photo-crazed wife goes wonky with her camera.

So, the next time you're bored, have dirty clothes, a bunch of quarters, and time to kill, take a trip to the local coin-op laundry and see what fun you can dig up!


Unknown said...

Are those signs really at the laundromat? How hilarious! Love the photos...You are the only person I know who would even THINK to take photos while at such a place. Love the post!

carrie said...

Yet another post I must've missed!

Crack me right UP!!! That is hilarious. ONe of my favorite posts.

Anonymous said...

Too...too funny! I SOOOooo get taking the pictures you did! It's just FUNNIER when you're photodocumenting something like this--and I like your "victim" at the end.

Crazy, crazy things to discover...all at our local laundromats!

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

Oh my! Your laundromat was much fancier than the one I went to today. But it was better than the other two I passed up that were closer to my house-- nasty, scary places! blech!

Those signs are cracking me up!

theMuddledMarketPlace said...

those earler images crack me up....how on earth are you supposed to know what the wordless ones mean?!
The earlier ones With words ...they are are just as senseless as well :) :)

so very well captured
thank you!

Nikki - Notes of Life said...

Makes the time go quicker, I guess! :D

Ruthanne said...

Ok. The sign with the finger getting cut off. Disgusting. Seriously disgusting. Eewwwww.

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