Wanna Good Laugh?

If you're looking for a good laugh, let me highly recommend Letters From Your Friendly Cashier, Volumes I & II. My dear friend, Carrie, aka the Gremlin Wrangler collects her thoughts as a late-night cashier onto paper for the enjoyment of many. And they are funny, funny, funny.

WARNING: Do not read these hilarious anecdotes while eating and/or drinking. I read the most recent installment aloud to hubby one evening while he had some dinner. Big mistake. Made me wonder if I still knew how to do the Heimlich. Fortunately, no choking ensued, and we were able to enjoy the mirth found within Carrie's stories.

So go buy a book. Or two. Buy more and give them to your friends. You won't be disappointed. These books are looking like a number one pick for the top of my own Christmas gift-giving list.

Go here for more information and to see her contest that I've entered. You can too, if you'd like.

1 comment:

carrie said...

Uh, Ma'am? That was more than a couple of lines.

But I guess I'll let you in this time. Since you were so nice and all.

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