Excuse Me?!?

Our health insurance provider is kind enough to send a handy little flyer that details all the preventive care you should receive and when you should receive it. Now don't get me wrong. I believe that some preventive care is very valuable and should be done. Not all of what they list, but certainly some of it. While perusing the flyer, I came to the very last heading for the adults:

Alcohol Misuse Screening and Behavioral Health Counseling Intervention

WHAT?!? I mean it's not as if I don't know what "misuse" of alcohol is. And I can probably figure out the BHCI. But here's the interesting part. The frequency of this particlar screening?

Routinely - 18 years and older.

So once I'm past 18 (already there), I'm supposed to "routinely" be screened for alcohol abuse misuse and have my mental behavioral health checked out, in case I might be in need of some intervention?!?! What, exactly, constitutes "routinely" anyway?

I certainly mean no ill-will towards anyone who struggles with alcohol or mental issues. But I also do not believe that everyone needs to be routinely screened for such things. For one, I don't drink alcohol. At all. Not that I never have, but we're talking many, many years ago. An entirely different life and lifetime. Kind of hard to have "alcohol misuse" when you don't drink the stuff.

And depending upon the day and certain hormonal issues, I'm sure that someone may think I need some intervention occasionally. I doubt I need to be screened in order to know that some days I can be moody or grumpy. And I certainly don't want any potentially negative things stuck in my medical file over some absurd "routine" screening.

Sorry, health insurance folks. I won't be participating in this particular screening.

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carrie said...

those guys are whacked out!

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