Birthday Critters

Yesterday was my neice's fourth birthday, and ClayGuy decided to make some candle holders for her cake. He's so sweet and they turned out so cute.

The cake

Cat & mouse





Dog again


carrie said...

gosh! he does such a great job on those!! so cute. I'd love to have some on some of my cakes. What a mad skill!

Beth said...

Those are so cute! I have to ask....they are made with clay, right? Or is that some sort of moldable icing??? Very cute cake. Lucky girl!

Unknown said...

That's a super cute cake!! I'm impressed!

Robert said...

How cute is that? And the photography is awesome. Someone got in CLOSE! I like that. :)

Anonymous said...

So beautifully crafted ! I too would like to know if that is marzipan or some kind of icing . I bet it was a fun birthday party .

Dianne - Bunny Trails said...

Sorry for not having clarified. For whatever reason, I just assume that everyone knows my son works with polymer clays. Anyway - that is what the little candle holder guys are made from. He creates some pretty remarkable clay mininatures. These are actually somewhat bigger than a lot of his work, because they were made to hold onto candles. Slightly bigger than standard-sized candles.

Robert - yeah, since I know how to use the macro setting, I can get close like that now! :D

Unknown said...

Clay Guy's creations rock! Love them!

Di said...

Those are adorable!!!

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