Meeting Sallie

After over a year and a half of blogging, I finally got to meet a blog friend IN REAL LIFE!! Sweet!

Really - she is very sweet. I met Sallie from Everyday Me, Seaside Tales at Starbucks this morning. The hour and a half of visiting went WAY too fast. I think we could've spent the rest of the day there, and not realized that time had flown right by us. We mostly chatted about homeschooling, which comes as no surprise. I'm sure we'd have hit other topics, but her husband was calling, cause it was time to go pick up Grandma for lunch. And as much as I'd love to have held her captive at Starbucks, it's really not polite to keep Grandma waiting. So I had to let her leave. Besides, if word got out about me detaining blog friends at Starbucks, I might not get to meet anyone else IRL.

I must apologize for yet another BLUE photo! Sometimes I just forget to return all my settings back to normal (normal for ME anyway). You'd think after my last foray into blue photos, I'd have remembered. Guess I was too delirious from lemon bonk cake and my very own, personalized Starbucks card! LOL!!

Sallie's phone blogging while they move across the country to their new home in North Carolina, so you may see a similar shot at her place. But hers probably won't be blue. It will, however, be equally windy! I thought it was pretty awesome that Starbucks just happens to be about five minutes from each of us - right in between our place and her in-laws. I'm thinking God set it up that way, on purpose. Very nice. :D


Anonymous said...

What a nice time! Meeting a fellow blogger has to be exciting.

I really like your photography. Great blog.

carrie said...

Cool! I want to meet you at Starbuck's too!!!!

SuperAngel said...

That is so great! I hope we can meet sometime!

Anonymous said...

Dianne -- It was SUCH a pleasure meeting you and getting to know you! I think we could have talked all day! You were one of the highlights of my trip :-)

Please remember Grama in your prayers as the tumor behind her eye was found to be cancerous. She refuses any treatment and at 94 I can't say I blame her. I told her I won't try and talk her into anything but to just pray for her everyday!!

Until me meet again,

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